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Project Introduction

Solice provides the infrastructure to support shared virtual worlds, also known as the metaverse. Solice metaverse supports multiple platforms, eliminating the barriers of different hardware, software and operating systems. This enables more users to invite and connect with their friends and family to increase the likelihood of exponential growth of the user base.

The marketplace is not just for games or blockchain communities, they can easily be joined from conventional platforms. Solice is innovating a new metaverse using blockchain’s cutting-edge technology to connect the unique features of blockchain for a wide range of applications by providing users with an immersive experience in VR (virtual reality).

Product Matrix

  • Solice ID: Solice ID is what you’ll use to get access to the metaverse. Users will be able to connect their wallets to their Solice ID for identification, without giving out any unnecessary information.
  • Editor: The editor program is a stand-alone SDK that enables users to create their own assets and mini-games, provided it meets requirements. Users then turn these assets into virtual tokens (NFTs) for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. These can be displayed/played within the Solice metaverse.
  • User-Designed Revenue Model: Solice allows users to opt into revenue generation, with revenue models they can design themselves. A simple revenue model would be to charge an entrance fee for access to a piece of land or a building. For example, an art gallery, arcade, live concert, and personal NFT collection hall could all be monetized with this model.
  • Item Crafting System: Users can obtain ingredients and materials within the metaverse. Those ingredients and materials can then be crafted into complete NFT assets, which causes the asset to increase in rarity and scarcity.
  • Play-to-Earn: In a later stage, we’ll be introducing a Play-to-Earn mechanism into the metaverse. We’re working on dungeons, mini-games, and quests that reward users.
  • DeFi Components: The Solice metaverse draws on innovative DeFi protocols to offer exciting features. For example, we added a utility to the land plots so users can perform Land Staking, allowing users to stake tokens on their land plots to obtain extra APY rewards while offering chances of obtaining rare materials and ingredients at the same time.
  • Pet System: There’ll be plenty of pets in the Solice metaverse, all with different attributes and a varying rarity level. Those elements will inform various APY rates, giving users a stronger chance of obtaining rare items, like gemstones — or Eggs, which can be hatched into new pets!
  • Marketplace: The Marketplace is not just a web-based exchange center. Unique to other projects, we will be launching the Marketplace within the Solice metaverse, where users will be able to see objects in 3D VR, giving potential buyers a more immersive, customer-centric experience.


Solice has registered the company on LinkedIn, but only one employee has been uploaded, and the core team is mentioned in the official document.

Solice Official Website Team Page:

Competitor Analysis

What sets Solice apart from other projects is the ability to provide an immersive experience for users by leveraging VR technology and cross-platform components. Currently, most GameFi projects on the market today are typically only available on smartphones or a single web-based platform. This limits the art style and software load of the actual product. By enabling Solice virtual worlds on VR, users will get a more immersive feel and can fully enjoy themselves in this virtual virtual world rather than on their computer or phone screens.

One of the main obstacles that many projects encounter in their development and growth is the lack of cross-platform functionality, where users are often limited to connecting with other users on the same platform, thus concentrating the content and user base on one platform. Imagine trying to invite your friends to visit a museum gallery that you have built and set up, but your friends don’t have the same operating system or device.

Solice solves this obstacle by enabling cross-platform options. Whether users are using smartphones, desktops or VR devices, all users can connect to the same Metaverse to play, communicate, socialize and even work together.

Investment Institutions

Solice’s investment institutions are very strong, whether it is the recently popular animoca BRANDS or Tier 1 Capital three arrows and ALAMEDA RESEARCH, at the same time we can also see the KuCoin Labs also appeared in it, so the potential of Solice is enormous.


Although Solice is just a fledgling project, but the hottest topic of the moment concept + superb investment institutions + cex List expectations + track potential is still to be discovered, may create a new leader on the VR metaverse, now is to wait which of these VR metaverse competitors can be the first to achieve technology and bigger and stronger, look forward to the performance of Solice.

Solice Twitter:

Solice Official Website:

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