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Project Introduction

DeFiYield aims to be the safest place for any user to participate in DeFi, built by professional liquidity mining experts to keep as many users as possible safe and successful in the Web 3.0 revolution. DeFiYield launches the first full-featured DeFi scam, hacking and vulnerability database — Rekt Database, a product that DeFiYield offers to DeFiYield provides users with an important safeguard for DeFi eco-security.

Product Matrix

1. The most secure investment dashboard

The DeFiYield Dashboard combines asset management and risk management tools with multi-chain support and key functional features such as:

1) Asset tracking (overview of multi-chain funds, value of money, defi platforms used).

2) Monitoring of DeFi eco-metrics, including liquidity mining, etc.

3) Allocation of funds among different projects.

4)Security protections such as the removal of contractual authorizations.

2. Pool

Allows users to view the Pools that provide liquidity and the corresponding earned fees. In addition, users can directly add/remove liquidity, rebalance and receive corresponding rewards. It is also possible to provide liquidity directly in DeFiYield and claim liquidity rewards, etc.

3. Staking

View assets staked by users in DeFi products.

4. NFT

View the NFT assets owned by the wallet and the corresponding prices.

5. Cancel Smart Contract Authorization

Users can view the wallet’s authorized addresses and assets through DeFiYield’s “Approvals” to modify authorizations and protect assets.

6. Audit and Security Database.

Users can view project audit data and security loss data, including the amount of past project losses from hacking attacks, the form of hacking attacks, etc.

Product Features

1. One-stop DeFi Aggregator

DeFiYield is a one-stop DeFi aggregator that aggregates DeFi data, personal assets, liquidity mining data and supports corresponding operations in a complex product similar to aggregator projects such as DeBank.DeFiYield allows users of the DeFi ecosystem to complete almost any basic functionality and asset tracking needs in DeFiYield’s product.

2. Security

The main feature of DeFiYield is the security guarantee for users to use DeFi products, including audit database and rekt database, which can be well tracked for hacking and security incidents occurring in DeFi ecosystem, etc. At the same time, users can also cancel the authorization of some interaction contracts. Currently, the cancellation of contract authorization feature is a relatively hard requirement due to potential possible impacts such as hacking attacks.

3. Product Compound Functionality

DeFiYield aggregates a variety of features including asset tracking, DeFi liquidity product operations, NFT viewing, pooling capabilities, and contract security guarantees, security and audit databases, and more. Overall, the product side of DeFiYield is relatively complete.


The DeFiYield team is available on Linkedin, with an approximate team size of 11–50 people, and 26 people shown on Linkedin.

DeFiYield Team Linkedin:

Competitor Analysis

DeFiYield is on the track of asset aggregators/asset management, and there are few projects of the same type, such as DeBank and Ape Board. Currently, DeFiYield has not yet released information about fundraising and investment institutions, but in terms of product functionality and focus on security, DeFiYield’s subsequent development is worth further attention.


DeFiYield starts from the asset aggregator side, with security, the most important aspect of the DeFi ecosystem, as the highlight of the project. The overall product matrix of the project is relatively complete and functional, and can serve as an important product for users to participate in the DeFi ecosystem. There are many projects of the same type across the asset aggregation and asset management track, and it remains to be seen if DeFiYield will stand out.

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