Moon Capital Report #2— DeepDAO

What is DeepDAO?

DeepDAO is a platform that provides comprehensive data analysis and ranking of decentralized autonomous organizations. It can analyze and rank existing DAOs on the basis of capital scale and governance in multiple dimensions, similar to the DAO’s version of CoinMarketCap. Major DAO platforms currently supported by DeepDAO include DAOstack, Aragon, Moloch V1 & V2, and Colony. It also supports DAOs that have been established for specific needs, such as The LAO, MakerDAO, and Nexus Mutual.

As a comprehensive DAO-based data analysis platform, DeepDAO provides investors, journalists and crypto enthusiasts with data insights related to DAO organizations. Customers include Messari, Delphi Digital, NecDAO, DXdao and dOrg.

DeepDAO Utility

DeepDAO has become the first choice for those who need quantifiable data in the DAO space, providing metrics for various DAO’s overall performance, funding, legal status, and community engagement.

DeepDAO is designed to provide comprehensive information analysis for decentralized governance systems and has covered the financial and governance data from more than 100 DAOs. The scope of DAOs as well as the quantification and dynamic measurement of governance process in DAOs is constantly growing.

DeepDAO also integrates with governance platform Snapshot and asset management tool Gnosis Safe. This combination separates the functionality of the DAO into two systems. One for voting via Snapshot and the other system for making decisions using Gnosis Safe.

DeepDAO Products

The main product modules of DeepDao include the DAO Ecosystem Dashboard, People in Governance, and the Governance Feed, etc.

DAO Ecosystem Dashboard

DeepDAO collects multi-dimensional data to analyze, rank, and explore DAO in the crypto domain. Its core data includes DAO platform category, number of DAO members, voter participations, number of proposals, and more. Users can query the data of the corresponding project in DeepDAO, which provides them with the data analysis of DAO ecological project. Users can also explore hot DAO projects with better performance in the current market intuitively. Just as the DeFi data analysis web sites such as DeBank and DeFiPulse have done for the DeFi community, DeepDAO provides more visual data for DAO lovers.

People in Governance

People in Governance is a new product that DeepDAO launched in June. It aims to track the multidimensional data of the top 1,000 users in DAO Governance, including the number of proposals, DAO participation, votes, and holding tokens. Also known as the Forbes List of decentralized governance. Through this product module, other users will have a more transparent understanding of the investment preferences of experienced DAO governance users, which DAOs they are mostly active in, and get a better access to the door of DAO governance.

Governance Feed

The Governance Feed is also DeepDAO’s latest stream product released recently. It provides a complete overview of proposal resolutions and discussions occurring throughout the DAO, as well as a data overview of activities across the DAO domain. It allows DAO enthusiasts and contributors to filter complicated information and keep updated with the latest news in DAO. At the same time, multi-dimensional data analysis can also help DAO analysts and individual DAO users in different degrees.


DeepDAO was founded in March 2020 with a research and development team made up of crypto community researchers, blockchain developers, and crypto enthusiasts.

Eyal Eithcowich, founder and CEO of DeepDAO, has more than 20 years of experience in technology development and management of traditional Internet companies. He has also worked in the fields of film and literature. Eyal has a deep love for DAO governance.

Daniel Bar, DeepDAO BD, advisor and contributor, is also the founder of Blockchain venture capital firm Bitfwd, and the growth advisor of dHEDGE DAO. He focuses on innovative venture capital in blockchain and fintech.

In addition, DeepDAO was joined by several other members, including Liwen Wang, user experience designer, LeRae Bigelow, Business Development and operations, and Xiaoran Zhang, full stack developer.


DeepDAO announced a $3 million funding round in June. Seed round was led by Hypershere and DFG. The pre-seed round was led by LD Capital and YBB Foundatio. Other investors include Moonwhale Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, SevenX Ventures, AU21 Capital, Moon Capital, etc.


As of August 4, DAO Ecosystem had total assets of $6.8 billion and 714.1K DAO members and token holders. More and more projects are integrating DAO governance mechanisms. With the gradual development of DAO governance, the importance of DeepDAO as a multidimensional data and fundamental tool for the ecology will also “rise”. We look forward to further adoption of DAO. We also expect DeepDAO to become an important portal for users to access and understand DAOs.

About Moon Capital

Moon Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Moon Capital portfolio includes, Wootrade, Litentry, Subsocial Network, Bifrost, DeepDAO and some other high-quality projects.





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Moon Capital

Moon Capital

Moon Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.