Moon Capital Portfolio-Themis.Exchange

What is the Themis Protocol?

Figure 1: Themis test product interface

Themis Product Matrix

Token Distribution

Figure 2: Token distribution chart

A New Challenge — How to Calculate the Collateral Value of NFT

  • Obtain prices through publicly available transaction records.
  • Get the price by calculating the value of NFT itself.
  • Financial attributes are obtained by splitting the useful life of NFT.
  • Its value is determined by rigid exchange with other protocol.
  • Compensation for possible liquidity risk incidents through governance tokens.
UNI-V3 NFT as a collateral in Themis

Guarantee the Rights of Users — Liquidation and Liquidators

  • Basic Liquidation: In Themis’ basic liquidation process, when a bad debt occurs, the bad debt goes to the liquidation list and the liquidator pays a fee to execute the liquidation, while the liquidator receives a certain TMS bonus from the reserve pool. The first step of liquidation is the flow of bad assets to the auction block for a 48-hour Dutch auction at the initial price until the NFT price drops to the collateral rate to execute a sale liquidation or reserve liquidation.
  • Reserve liquidation: The Themis protocol continuously adds TMS to the margin pool during its operation. When the margin pool needs to be liquidated, TMS is sold to the market in exchange for the lender’s principal, at which time the liquidity provider may incur an unstable loss. However, the liquidity provider can also receive liquidity mining rewards by pledging the corresponding LP-Token.
  • Liquidator: The liquidator is an important role to assist the platform in manual liquidation. Since the protocol cannot be automatically cleared, a liquidation list will be generated for bad debts, and the liquidator can clear the list and get TMS from it, but the liquidator needs to pay the Gas fee by himself, besides, the gained TMS reward can be accumulated.

No Middle-price Earning — A Bold Business Model

Why We Chose Themis

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