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Over the past two years, the treasury value of all types of DAOs and the number of people participating in DAOs have shown exponential growth. According to DeepDAO data, the treasury value of DAOs listed on DeepDAO grew from $0.4B to over $16B in 2021, an increase of ~40x. Meanwhile, the number of DAO participants increased from 13k to 1.6M, an increase of ~130x.

DeepDAO aggregates, lists, and analyzes financial and governance data for the DAO ecosystem. It helps build an extensive network of social and working connections between the DAO ecosystem, along with DAOs gradually growing into a user community with hundreds of millions on the scale.

Currently, there are around 5000 DAOs on DeepDAO, covering 3 major blockchain networks: Ethereum, Solana, and Substrates (Polkadot & Kusama). As DAOs continue to grow and the number of users participating continues to grow, we believe DeepDAO will become increasingly important in the DAO ecosystem.

DeepDAO Product Matrix

1. Explore DAO Data

DeepDAO provides on-chain data of DAOs and members to understand the on-chain behavior of thousands of DAOs and their members.

  • Organization

DeepDAO provides financial and governance data for each DAO, with an efficient data dashboard. From the “Organization” interface, users can have a very intuitive understanding of the financial and governance data of the entire DAO ecosystem and individual DAOs.

Data includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rank
  • Treasury
  • Top Treasury Tokens
  • Governance Token Holders
  • Proposal & Votes

By accessing the “Organization” section, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the development and governance of most DAOs in the market. In addition, you gain quick insight into the data changes and trends of DAOs, providing effective data to help study the trends of the overall DAO ecosystem.

In the single DAO interface, DeepDAO will provide more detailed DAO financial and governance data, governance member information, relevant DAOs, etc. Users can then have a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of each DAO and deeper research.

  • DAO Feed

The DAO Feed feature focuses on the governance dimension, providing governance proposals for active DAOs in the market. It aggregates and updates the hot and trending DAO governance proposals in the market. Users can use DAO Feed to understand the active status of DAOs and DAO participating members, join interested or trending DAOs, and participate in proposal governance.

  • Self-Listing

In response to the growing number of DAOs in the DAO ecosystem, DeepDAO has launched a new feature to expand the DAO ecosystem — Self Listing. It allows DAO management members to independently submit fundamental information, tokens, treasury, and governance information. Once completed, people can find relevant DAO information in DeepDAO’s search engine.

  • Premium Data API

DeepDAO’s data API includes the most comprehensive data in the DAO ecosystem, with thousands of DAO data, on-chain dynamics, treasury changes, and governance information. DeepDAO’s data API includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ecosystem stats
  • Organizations
  • People
  • Proposals
  • White Lists
  • Time series

DeepDAO’s data API will provide researchers and DAO-related users with the most comprehensive and in-depth data analysis, which greatly facilitates the research and exploration of the DAO ecosystem and the changing trends of DAO.

2. Governance Identity: Discover DAO people

  • People

In the “People” panel, DeepDAO focuses more on the specific on-chain behavior of DAO members. Users can explore the number of DAOs that a single user has participated in, how many times they have participated, and how many proposals they have initiated. The on-chain governance data of a single user can effectively determine the depth of the user’s participation in the DAO domain, the breadth of participation, and whether the user is a deeply engaged DAO user.

At the same time, individual users can further personalize and enrich their “Profile” by linking their wallets. Users can provide rich personal governance data to help them find other like-minded users and join DAOs that match their skills and interests. Social relevance is established through the DeepDAO social graph algorithm based on the similarity of users to other users and DAOs.

Meanwhile, as the discussion on DID and SBT deepens, the on-chain address will gradually serve as an identity symbol for individual users across the Web3 domain. For DAO participating users, a “Profile” with rich data and on-chain behavior will be of great benefit to individual users, including measuring the user’s contribution to DAO, joining DAO’s personal on-chain resume verification, etc.

DeepDAO provides users’ on-chain movement, governance, and contribution behavior in each DAO. It allows users with rich experience in DAO participation and governance to be able to verify through Profile or Governance ID without the involvement of centralized service providers.

3. Ecosystem tools researched by DeepDAO

DeepDAO lists the tools in the market that excel in creating and managing DAOs, while providing a DAO-related knowledge base to meet the needs of users at different stages of DAO awareness.

  • DAO Tools

The process of running and managing a DAO requires the use of multi-dimensional DAO tools. DeepDAO provides 70+ DAO tools that help DAOs and other projects with everything they need to run and manage DAOs across all stages in lifecycle, including but not limited to:

Security & Privacy






Identity & Reputation


  • Knowledge Center

DeepDAO provides a knowledge center for users involved in DAO to meet the different knowledge needs of users with various levels of knowledge about DAO, from the basic conceptual understanding of DAO to the in-depth study of the DAO ecosystem, Users can study the DAO ecosystem from shallow to deep.

4. Brainstorm

DeepDAO is about to launch a new, token-based discussion tool — Brainstorm. Each DAO can create a DAO Brainstorm based on its governance token, which is still in beta. Brainstorm is fully embedded within the DeepDAO set of data tools and dashboards. DAO financial information, governance analytics, DAO power dynamics, and full member profiles are easily accessible.

You can think of DAO Brainstorm as Reddit with Token Gated, which can be very convenient for the operation and social behavior of DAOs.

The necessity of DeepDAO

We believe that with the gradual development and scale growth of the DAO ecosystem, the need and importance of DeepDAO products will increase. Similar to data protocols and platforms born in the rapid cycle of DeFi ecosystems such as DeFi Pulse and DefiLlama, or comprehensive data platforms such as Dune Analytics, they all occupy a place in their respective sectors with their respective product strengths and product features.

Likewise, in the DAO sector, there is a similar need for a product that focuses on data in all dimensions of DAO (governance, treasury, etc.). From the current market, the product features that DeepDAO has launched and will launch soon have a very positive contribution to the development and growth of the DAO ecosystem.

DeepDAO’s vision is to help the DAO ecosystem grow to tens or hundreds of millions of users, and help DAOs solve the pain points of low participation, low participation efficiency, and poor communication and interaction. We believe that this is the main problem facing the DAO ecosystem, and DeepDAO is always on the way.

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