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What is Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a cross-chain fundraising platform for projects & NFTs.Infinite Launch’s own NFT is currently published on the Binance Smart Chain, and will later release NFT on Ethereum. Infinite Launch is one of the first capital & NFT launchpad that delivers both game-fi & IDO experiences. Where investors meet qualified projects & the latest NFT trends.

Straight to the Pain —Infinite Launch’s Founding Idea

In the second half of this year, the popularity of NFT brought enough attention to crypto art and attracted a lot of money to join, however, problems came along with it — as we all know, opensea is now the largest NFT trading platform in the market, although it supports NFT trading on ETH and Polygon chains, but in fact, the main transactions are still on ETH chain, which means that each transaction of NFT comes with a high gas fee, which is very unfriendly to new investors

GameFi was also popular at the same time during this time period. The rocket of Axie infinity at the time of the disastrous low after 519 drove the funds of the P2E segment, and all kinds of P2E started to appear, however, as more and more GameFi appeared, the cottage plate and Slaughter plate also appeared, and a large number of funds were harvested. The GameFi projects on the market started to become in need of professional filters, however, this is an extremely high threshold of knowledge for many common investors.

Catering to the above questions, Infinite Launch offers an effective answer — providing professional investment staff for filtering, who are experienced in investment as well as blockchain experience, and all projects or NFTs that are publicly offered on Infinite Launch are carefully selected by these experienced team members, which saves investors a lot of time cost and speculation. At the same time, Infinite Launch is also a multi-chain implementer. The project only supports Binance smart chain when it is launched, but the integration of Solana chain was completed in less than a week. These public chains with fast transaction speed on the chain, no congestion and cheap gas fees are a good solution to the pain point of excessive transaction cost and time, and Infinite Launch will also support smart chains such as ETH and Avalanche chain in the near future.

Thinking of the User — Infinite Launch’s User Benefits

Infinite Launch aims to filter the best projects for its users and also offers great benefits to those investors who believe in them. Like most Launchpads, Infinite Launch also has a tiered system to differentiate the amount of IDO for its users, but compared to other Launchpads, Infinite Launch does a good job of selecting projects to ensure that they are profitable enough before granting them to its customers, so a certain threshold is reasonable.

The following graph is the second version of the membership benefits and level chart, you can see that members above gold will be able to ensure that each IDO can participate (after all, each IDO project is a handpicked project, so the allocation is certainly less than those normal IDO), while there are exclusive token airdrops and pools, and will also airdrop NFT, which can be considered very conscientious.

However, after the ILA was listed on KuCoin, the threshold amount of membership was greatly increased, so the community began to complain and dissatisfaction about it. Unlike other programs, Infinite Launch immediately listened to the community’s suggestions and modified the amount so that users could simply and appropriately reach the membership threshold without having to spend millions on ILAs, while also giving different membership tiers of staking rewards so that large ILA holders would have a stronger desire to hold them.

Even for those who can’t afford to buy enough ILA to become a member, Infinite Launch has a unique solution for them: they can lock their tokens for a long time and get a higher hard cap to allocate the purchase amount. As you can see in the chart below, the longer you lock your position, the higher your allocation will be, which is an excellent option when you are very bullish on a project. This solution reduces the selling pressure of the project tokens and fills the needs of users who want to hold for a long time and are short of principal, which is a real win-win situation.

Known for Blockchain — Infinite Launch’s Powerful Media Partner

Before Infinite Launch’s list on KuCoin, new media agencies announced to join as partners every day, including the famous yahoo finance, and Infinite Launch has also cooperated with many domestic and international KOLs, so it can be said that Infinite Launch has put in a lot of effort in marketing, which also helps Infinite Launch quickly attract different project parties to hold IDO, and perhaps we will see the growth rate of Infinite Launch brought by such number of media in 2022.

Ambition — More than A LaunchPad

Unlike other common Launchpads, Infinite Launch wants to do more. For now, Infinite Launch has released its own NFT and made it as a ticket to purchase its own platform token, which is unprecedented in the launchpad category, and as we mentioned above Infinite Launch will also support multi-chain NFT trading, which is not only ahead of many projects in the same track, but even more than some single NFT trading platforms.

According to the project’s current roadmap, we’ll see Infinite Launch’s first P2E game in the first quarter of next year, and we’ll also see the Infinite Launch meta-universe in the second half of the year. It is Infinite Launch’s confidence in its own strength and love for its users to try more things and bring more to them when they can. The project team could have focused on only doing a good job with launchpad and not challenging new things, but they chose to move forward and bring new experiences to their users and provide them with more and better interesting products.


Infinite Launch, as the launchpad platform initially list on KuCoin, is full of reform and innovation, which has great potential to surpass the traditional Launcpad platform, and its strong partners are a good basis for the later development, currently Infinite Launch has announced the IDO on Dec 12th, and there are also some upcoming IDO like Farmer World, The Wasted Lands, and Champ Force’s. We expect these IDOs to perform well with the help of Infinite Launch.

About Moon Capital

Moon Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Moon Capital portfolio includes, Woo Network , Infinite Launch, Litentry, Subsocial Network, Bifrost, DeepDAO and some other high-quality projects.





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Moon Capital

Moon Capital

Moon Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.