Moon Capital Portfolio #7 — Privi

Background of Privi’s Time

As we look to the 2020s and beyond, the next big event in technology will not come from the Silicon Valley monopolies we know today. Although they may try, they will not be able to adapt to the new web3 world that society is flocking to. Web3 promises a decentralized future: a vision of fairness that offers more opportunity, a dynamic structure, and most importantly, is shaped and owned by communities rather than wealthy elites. With Web3 comes an overwhelming variety of dApps, and blockchain users need an accessible, approachable, one-stop store to optimize their experience in Web3.

Today’s decentralized app store is yesterday’s app store, Privi learns from history and looks to use the next generation of web3 technology to evolve and build a robust dApp store, but most importantly privi’s success is dependent on input from its community. Apple’s app store shows that end-to-end is the best way to reach the mass market and uncover confusing technology for the masses. Google showed us how to reach the largest number of people in the world through “openness” and accessibility. However, neither company could change to the web3 model, so Privi emerged.

Privi’s Products

Privi’s current core product is a bunch of dApps developed by themselves, all integrated on Privi Zoo, a decentralized app store consisting of social and financial apps on a powerful blockchain. Allowing a number of features and applications that do not require technical or financial skills to create their own customizable network dApp.

Next Generation Media — x-to-Earn

With the Move-to-Earn wave led by STEPN, people are looking at more possibilities for X-to-Earn, and Privi has several native dApps for transforming traditional media into X-to-Earn.

Listen to Earn — — Privi Trax:A better Spotify, where users earn while they listen, resisting piracy while reaping the benefits, and artists earn three times the profit of Spotify.

Social to Earn — — Privi Pix:A better Instagram, where users in pix can make money while browsing, buying and trading NFTs, and creators can customize how they want to make money and connect, all with the usual bells and whistles of Instagram and web apps.

Watch to Earn — — Privi Flix:A better Netflix, where users can earn while watching and resist piracy while making profits.

Read to Earn — — Privi Bux:A better Medium, where users can make money while reading and earn profits as creators.


To support the above series of x-to-Earn, Privi has also developed a series of Web3 decentralized dApps to build around the community, providing more possibilities and more divergent thinking for the future of new media.

Privi DAO:Decentralized developer portals for users and DAOs to connect with developers, build applications and functionality for users, which users can apply to their own communities and license to other DAOs, and mint and distribute DAO tokens, which are “social tokens” that DAOs can ask to use to pay for stuff, access the DAO, or be asked to hold to access certain parts or content of the DAO.

Privi Pods:Pods are unique smart contracts that allow people to create and trade alternative assets that come in the form of Pod tokens and are irreplaceable or fungible tokens. With Pods, selling, financing, investing and sharing are made easy.

Privi Collabs:Privi Collabs allows users to collaborate with favorite creators and help raise funds for their projects. If the user is a creator themselves, they can also request to collaborate with other creators to make the user’s dream project a reality and receive funding from the community to help them achieve it.

Privi Governance:Privi Governance allows the community to vote, propose and manage the Privi ecosystem. By investing, Privi Governance contributors can actively participate in the development of a decentralized app ecosystem.


In order to facilitate Web2 people those who do not understand crypto, to better enjoy the new generation of media provided by Privi x-to-Earn, Privi also developed its own Wallet and Exchange for new users, so that Privi’s audience is not only limited to crypto, but also includes those traditional media such as tiktok users.

Privi Wallet: With a multi-chain wallet, users can create their own Privi and Ethereum public addresses to exchange on Privi, ETH, Polygon and Polkadot (via Substrate).

Privi Data: With Privi Data, users can regain control of one of their most valuable assets — their data. privi Data allows users to use $DATAp coins to promote their content — from music to video and tokens to DAO. Buy and trade this data asset class for rewards that are distributed to users who opt in and out of private mode, so ads are only pushed on those who are willing to receive them.

Privi Exchange: Through Privi Exchange, apps can sell and exchange app tokens as well as different time-based range tokens that can then be traded on Privi Exchange. This helps protect projects and apps from crashes and helps investors limit their exposure. Each app within Privi will be part of this exchange.

In addition to the items on the picture, Privi will also launch NFT derivatives and metaverse related concepts of dApp, Privi can make a version of their own any dAPP, although it may not be as detailed as others professional, but the team this efficiency and a keen sense of hot spots make people look forward to how much this All in one zoo can actually grow.

From Web2 to Web3

As the dApp world expands, the functionality of individual dApps will become more and more specific. Currently, 95% of the Apple App Store’s revenue comes from the top 2% of apps. While having a few major apps can satisfy most of the needs of the public, this may not be possible with Web3 because it becomes more difficult to update dApps given the nature of decentralization and smart contracts. As a result, more dApps will be needed and developed for more specific functionality, resulting in new things that we couldn’t even do on Web2.

In the web2 model, gatekeepers (Apple or Google) can review applications or content and control much of what happens on their networks. secondly, because web2 applications are stored on a central server, they can “crash” and are vulnerable to other breaches and attacks. Essentially, dApps are not stored centrally, so there is no such risk. Then there is the issue of benefits. In web2, the gatekeeper will be the only one who benefits financially from the store. In Web3, Privi then takes on the role of the Google Store, and if the app store grows, so does the value of Privi tokens, so all token holders will benefit from the next great dApp.

Why We Chose Privi

Privi’s goal is to bring the benefits of decentralized apps to the masses and move away from web 2.0. Privi will not charge a fee for access to the app store, nor will it require apps to use any specific tokens, which is why we recommend more partner projects to integrate into privi to lay the foundation for a more diverse store. We recommend more partner projects to integrate into privi to build the foundation for the store’s diversification. We believe that the Privi multi-chain system will enable the most development and access to welcome our partner projects from different public chains and even independent chains to move in. privi will launch a series of their own dApps to prove their concept, so we hope to help Privi raise awareness of the benefits of web3 for users from day one.

About Moon Capital

Moon Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Moon Capital portfolio includes, Woo Network , Infinite Launch, Litentry, Subsocial Network, Bifrost, DeepDAO and some other high-quality projects.






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Moon Capital

Moon Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.