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Metasverse is on Fire

2021 can be said to be the first year of Metaverse. The first Roblox IPO; Facebook renamed itself Meta; Microsoft launched the enterprise Metaverse, and Baidu kicked off its Metaverse platform. NBA star Curry bought BAYC NFT with 450,000 dollars; Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other luxury brands also aped into NFT. At the start of 2022, NFT and the Metasverse are only getting hotter. Jay Chou, Edison Chen and other super stars have changed their social profile pictures to NFT. Samsung Opens Its First Metaverse Store in Decentraland. The idea of a metaverse is gradually being accepted by the market, and more and more people believe that the end of the Internet is the metaverse. Metaverse is a constructed virtual world that both mirrors and is independent of the real world.

Major metaverse projects currently on the market include Sandbox and Decentraland, as well as the new Bit.Country project built on Polkadot. There are already a number of metaverse pioneers like Samsung who have picked up their favorite metaverse projects and bought land on them to grow their businesses. Then the question comes. How can traditional enterprises and individuals quickly build their a 3D virtual space to develop their own businesses and communities after entering the metaverse?

MetaDojo — Catalyst of the Metasverse

MetaDojo uses NFT assets to provide the best possible experience for users based on the actual needs of the metaverse. Even new players who have never experienced MetaDojo can quickly build their own virtual worlds in metaverse. In general, MetaDojo’s products serve users in three phases:

Figure 1:MetaDojo Products and Services
  1. MetaDojo provides users with off-the-shelf and customizable NFTs to help them better access the metaverse. It could be a home, a gallery, a shop, a nightclub, whatever. This is up to the user’s imagination and can be seamlessly deployed to any other metaverse and social media platforms.
  2. On this basis, it promotes the growth of the ecosystem through internal economy, including the minting and trading market of NFT, creator economy, organizing virtual conferences and concerts, NFT based P2E gameFi and so on.
  3. Move to the final dojo metaverse. Assign the master of Dojo with the metaverse land and renovate any existing meta Dojo on time.

Users can participate in three roles within the MetaDojo ecosystem:

Figure 2:MetaDojo Ecosystem
  1. Dojo Owners:Users can purchase Dojo via MetaDojo’s native tokens. Players who own a dojo can customize it, including uploading NFT, pictures, videos, and more. Create brand communities in the Dojo, host events and set up rewards to deliver business value. Dojo can also be evolved to increase the value of digital assets.
  2. Ninjas:Ninjas are players, community members, or dedicated GameFi guilds who enter the Dojo. Ninjas can learn about products and services in the Dojo, socialize virtually with other metaverse users, and earn tokens (P2E) during learning and playing.
  3. Creators:Creators are directly involved in the construction of the MetaDojo ecosystem, designing NFT through their expertise, developing and producing games, hosting virtual events and conferences, testing new features, and earning tokens for doing so. This incentive mechanism can better attract outstanding talents to contribute to the development of MetaDojo.

Moon Capital Investment Logic

It is said that 2021 is the first year of the metaverse, in which the concept of the metaverse will be introduced into millions of families. As we move into 2022, more NFT projects are emerging on the market. There are not only big IP XRabbit and Ali with a history of more than ten years in China, but also internationally famous fashion brands Gucci, Louis Vitton, Addidas and so on. The upsurge of NFT is rising instead of falling. It is expected that more brands will open their traditional doors to embrace Web3 in the future. After all, the timely use of emerging technology is the fundamental guarantee for a brand to continue to strengthen.

We at Moon Capital see this as a huge market, but we also know that the metaverse will never be smooth sailing. While the concept is popular around the world, the vast majority of brands and IPs are still in the NFT stage, far from the interactive, immersive metaverse that are envisioned in the roadmap. Thus, the construction of the metaverse is still at a very early stage. Even though many enterprises have issued their own NFT, due to the shortage of professional and technical personnel, it is very difficult for a brand to really build its own meta-universe, which is also the reason why there are still many brands that are reluctant to enter this industry. At present, the market is almost blank in this field, so how to help the traditional industry to cross the NFT stage into the metaverse is particularly important.

We believe that the emergence of MetaDojo is to fill the gap in this field. They offer a customized, plug-and-play 3D modeling service that can help traditional industries transition to the metaverse quickly and easily. The metaverse market is expected to reach $800 billion by 2024, according to Bloomberg data. With the development of Web3 industry and the popularization of encryption technology, this number will increase in the future. MetaDojo is looking at the early construction of the metaverse, which will certainly have a broad future.

Investors and Partners

The crypto market is notoriously volatile, and the metaverse is a brand new concept that only started in 2021. The collision of old and new ideas inevitably produces violent reactions. But we believe that technological innovation will eventually come out in the long course of history. As soon as the metaverse was put forward, its novel scientific and technological ideas were deeply rooted in people’s minds and became an irreversible trend.

The MetaDojo team grew out of Aimy, a children’s education software company. They know how difficult it is for a traditional enterprise to embrace web3 and the metaverse bravely, so they are determined to change this situation and build a road to the metaverse. The MetaDojo team’s advanced concept has attracted the attention of many prominent crypto funds. More than 20 investors, including Gray-scale parent company DFG, NGC Ventures, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Moon Capital and others, are involved in the future ecological construction of MetaDojo.

Figure 3:MetaDojo Investors

MetaDojo is now well under development, with deep collaboration with BitCountry, the largest metaverse project on Polkadot. There is currently a whitelisted NFT airdrop on Twitter that will play a huge role in the future metasverse. MetaDojo is at the forefront of addressing the most critical problems the metaverse is facing. And we believe it will play an important role in the popularization and development of the metaverse in the future.


Echo | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Echo holds a Masters in Marketing, has wealth experience in corporate consulting, and has been the CEO of a global SaaS company before founding MetaDojo in 2021. She is passionate about the social impact the metaverse brings, particularly in the creator economy and wealth redistribution.

Figure 4: Echo

Allan | Co-Founder & CTO Game

Before joining MetaDojo, Allan had been working as a Senior Developer at since 2017. His extraordinary level of motivation and focus saw him rising to founding MetaDojo and leading its In-Game Experience Team. He is obsessed with the infinite possibilities the Metaverse opens.

Figure 5: Allan

Kai | Co-Founder & CTO Blockchain

Kai was one of the founding members of Aimy Limited. He led the product development of Aimy’s second generation system AimyOne, which was successfully launched in early 2021. He has taken up the challenge of leading MetaDojo’s Blockchain Team. His dream is to create a metaverse affordable and accessible to everyone.

Figure 6: Kai

Ida | Community & Partnership Manager

Ida has extensive experience in Human Resources and Procurement, and finally found her calling as an NFT Collector and avid Blockchain Learner a few years back, which led her to the Community & Partnership Manager role at MetaDojo. She loves fishing (not phishing), playing Legos, and online games such as Rise of Empire. She believes that “Everything is Awesome!” and advocates mental health awareness.

Figure 7: Ida

Future Outlook

As an emerging industry starting from 2021, metaverse will gradually go to the world and embrace the future based on blockchain, NFT as the bridge and Web3 as the concept. Imagine a day in the future when you could walk the streets of the metaverse from the comfort of your bed at home. Samsung shop on the left to buy a mobile phone; Addidas shop on the right to buy a pair of running shoes; in front of the game hall a XRabbit and Ali are playing basketball. We look forward to the outstanding contribution of MetaDojo in the development of the metaverse, from blockchain to the metaverse, from the community to the public, from the past to the future!

Figure 8:Metaverse Built with MetaDojo

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