Moon Capital Portfolio #4 — Solster Finance

What is Solster

Solster is a Launchpad platform based on Solana. It provides token trading, token exchange, token staking, token investment and prize ticket platform. It currently supports staking of native tokens STR as well as liquidity mining and has held three IDOs in the Q4 of 2021, while three more IDOs have been confirmed. Solster focuses on improving user experience, providing the best LaunchPad service and simpler token selling service.

Solster vs. Traditional LaunchPad

There are a large number of problems with LaunchPad that currently exist on the market, generally including

  • Inequitable distribution of funds
  • Complex IDO registration process
  • Whitelist assignments that never get drawn
  • Significant time costs to follow up
  • A large number of robot coverage investments
  • UI that is not friendly to new traders
  • Bad customer service system

Solster has carefully considered and proposed solutions to all these problems.

  • Solster applies a hierarchical system for the allocation of funds, the amount of each class is fixed, as long as you reach a certain amount you can get the corresponding allocation, however, when the user reaches the highest level GIGA, even if they buy more STR for staking, the allocation will only be as much as other GIGA, which gives a guarantee to other investors with smaller funds.
  • Solster’s IDO requires only one click to participate, without any complicated steps, unlike some complex IDO registration processes can take up to ten minutes, which will make the user’s experience bad or even feel bored. Solster also intends to distribute IDO allocation to all interested parties, so there is no need for whitelist draws or allocations, all investors can easily and quickly participate in IDO, Solster will help investors filter out annoying bots so that humans are always investing with humans.
  • Solster has also improved its user experience, with a large block of information mixed with small pieces of information, and a simple and clear main message that is very friendly to new investors or users who are new to the investment, and their community always have three to five people who are listening to users suggestions and actively giving feedback. Solster has made a lot of changes compared to the traditional LaunchPad.

The Trilogysystem of Solster

The traditional LaunchPad is based on a first-come, first-served purchase model. Unlike them, Solster’s LaunchPad is fair to all, while token holders get an extra bonus because they need to stake STR to participate in IDO activities. Solster Launch’s IDO events do not have a high buy-in threshold and do not require investors to fill out a whitelist form to participate in the project, all to make it easier for investors to participate in their favorite IDOs.

Solster LaunchPad fundraising follows a trilogy of three rounds of funding, ensuring that each IDO allows as many users as possible to participate, giving different users the opportunity to get involved.

  • The first round of investors in the trilogy is undoubtedly the loyal users of solster, those who are stakers or liquidity providers of Solster’s tokens, who will be the first to enjoy the allocation of IDO.
  • The second part of the trilogy, is to hold solster but no staking investors, they will also be given the opportunity to participate in IDO, Solster will detect their address through the contract to determine whether they are eligible to participate in this IDO, that is, if the user only wants to hold short-term, Solster will still give the user IDO eligibility, just relatively less to the first round funding.
  • The last part of the trilogy is the benefit for the common investor, they don’t even need to buy STR to get IDO credits, which is hard to do for many Launchpad, Solster still gives retail investors some chance to buy despite the tiering, which is the reason for their popularity.

Why We Choose Solster

As a new LaunchPad platform, Solana chain’s popularity has also given Solster great help, sol chain’s blossoming makes Solster’s IDO project has been growing rapidly, in just two months there have been 6 projects with Solster reached cooperation for IDO, including some projects with a high ROI.

Solster will be launching its NFT platform, lottery draws, its own swap tool and DEX with user-defined UI in Q1 of the new year, and will follow up with DAO governance and the release of a matchmaking platform. The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning these features is Pancake on the BSC chain, but the biggest difference with Pancake is that Solster will start a token burning program next year, burning at least two percent every month to prevent inflation, which is also the biggest pain point of Pancake, the infinite increase in value brought down is very well handled by Solster with token burning. This is also an important factor for the future of solster to be more promising than pancake.

About Moon Capital

Moon Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Moon Capital portfolio includes, Woo Network , Infinite Launch, Litentry, Subsocial Network, Bifrost, DeepDAO and some other high-quality projects.





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Moon Capital

Moon Capital

Moon Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.