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2 min readMay 27, 2023



Introducing 0xdx, a gamified platform designed for NFT options trading. It presents a novel approach to the market, aiming to transition it from a largely unstructured landscape to a more refined and organized trading environment. The distinctive proposition of 0xdx lies in its mission to establish a comprehensive NFT options exchange, providing users with advanced financial tools and a gamification element for an engaging experience.

Limitation to Opportunity:

0xdx is committed to addressing the following crucial challenges faced by NFT traders within the current trading ecosystem:

  • Capital inefficiency — The illiquidity of assets limits their ability to be easily bought or sold.
  • Expensive points of entry for top collections — Accessing the most desirable collections comes at a high cost, making it inaccessible for many traders.
  • Lack of financial instruments — NFT traders are unable to engage in essential activities such as shorting, hedging, and speculating.

Staying Ahead:

In a rapidly evolving market, 0xdx stands apart with unique features that enhance its competitive positioning, such as:

  • A gamification component that includes a progression system to stimulate user engagement
  • A marketplace for redeeming points for rewards, including NFTs and gift cards
  • A leaderboard to foster a sense of friendly competition among users


Wasabi, despite an earlier launch and solid execution, lacks the user engagement features such as gamification, rewards, and leaderboards that 0xdx offers. Meanwhile, other competitors like Putty, Nifty, and Hook are still in early development stages without operational testnets. As such, their feature sets and overall competitiveness are unclear, possibly placing them behind 0xdx.


While promising, ventures like 0xdx come with potential risks. Here are the key areas to consider:

  • Regulatory Ambiguity: The evolving regulatory landscape around NFTs could impact operations
  • Smart Contract Risks: As with all web 3 projects, there is always the risk of exploitation
  • Competition: The emergence of competitors in the NFT options market could pose challenges, but also opportunities for a first-mover advantage

The Team:

The technical complexities in the options space require a proficient and dedicated team. The co-founders of 0xdx, all previously holding senior positions at various companies, have demonstrated their commitment by working full-time on the project. Their understanding of the industry, backed by their experience in creating an NFT analytics platform, Bridgerr, adds credence to their venture into NFT finance.

Final Thoughts:

With a unique approach and a dedicated team, 0xdx shows significant potential to address challenges in the NFT market. Its innovative features, including gamification elements, offer a fresh user experience. However, the current bear market and niche audience pose hurdles for immediate traction. The success of 0xdx will depend on its ability to navigate these market conditions and attract and retain its target users. Nevertheless, the platform’s long-term potential to shape the future of NFT trading remains noteworthy, even in the face of short-term challenges.







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