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2 min readMay 13, 2023


In the Web 3 landscape, the dynamics of talent acquisition and measurement have surfaced as critical issues. At Moon Capital, we are consistently observing and analyzing projects that bring innovative solutions to these problems. Today, we’re taking a closer look at Kleoverse — a platform introducing the concept of “proof of talent.”

Introducing Kleoverse

Enter Kleoverse, a platform that proposes a fresh take on talent sourcing. It suggests shifting the focus from status based hires to verified skills and proven work. The unique selling proposition of Kleoverse lies in its vision of building a decentralized professional identity. As the first of its kind in the Web 3 space, Kleoverse introduces a novel approach to talent acquisition and management, offering an interesting case for other projects and companies in the industry.

Status vs. Skill

Traditionally, the tech industry leans towards status-based talent measurement, leaving the actual skills of individuals often overlooked. This approach has led to tech companies competing for the same candidates, whilst millions of talented people remain untapped.

  • Surprisingly, many professional Web 3 developers lack formal computer science degrees, challenging the status-based approach.
  • The rapid growth of Web 3 job postings, which is outpacing the wider tech industry, signals an urgent need for an improved talent acquisition strategy.

Inside Kleoverse

Kleoverse’s unique model utilizes a reputation protocol which issues non transferable tokens paired with :

  • The reputation protocol provides a quantitative measure of talent, shifting the focus from credential based to actual abilities.
  • Achievements are verified through reliable third-party data sources, such as Github, adding a layer of trust and transparency.

Additional Offerings

Kleoverse is not just a talent sourcing platform. It presents a comprehensive set of features to streamline the recruitment process:

  • The platform offers job listings, a candidate management system, and facilitates direct communication with all users.

Potential Risks

Kleoverse, an innovative talent sourcing platform in Web 3, carries certain risks like all ventures.

Dependence on Third-Party Data Verification: Kleoverse relies on third-party data verification, like Github. Any issues with these platforms, such as security breaches or data discrepancies, could impact Kleoverse.

Adoption Challenges: The transition to a skill-based hiring model from a status-focused one may face initial skepticism from traditional tech firms, but this is a common hurdle for any innovative initiative.

Skill Quantification Limitations: Kleoverse’s reputation protocol aims to numerically indicate talent. However, quantifying complex human skills, especially for creative roles, may need ongoing refinement, but this doesn’t impede the platform’s overall effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

We have a keen interest in projects that disrupt the status quo and bring about transformative change. Kleoverse’s introduction of “proof of talent” marks a significant shift in the Web 3 talent acquisition landscape. We look forward to observing how it evolves and influences the broader tech industry.







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